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How to Order & Rates
How to Order & RatesRates are normally based off the amount of editing time required and timeframe for work to be complete. Click here for more details.

 Legal Substantive Editing/Rewriting Service


The professional Legal Substantive Editing/Rewriting service includes checking for grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, basic formatting consistency, typographical errors, and conformance to legal style guidelines;* sentence editing to remove passive voice, ambiguous references, awkward transitions, and wordiness; in addition to rewriting and rearranging sentences and paragraphs where necessary to improve clarity and flow of ideas.

*As indicated earlier in the overview of professional editing services provided, if you should require other quality services, such as typing, legal/scholarly research, writing assistance, Contact Dr. Barbara K. Pryor or complete her Information Request form for a prompt, detailed response and a complimentary quote tailored to your request. Remember, ANY service performed by Dr. Pryor is held in strict confidence and does not constitute legal advice.

"Some" Examples of Errors, Issues, or Problems Looked For According to Professional Editing Service Requested For Your Particular Project:

Proofreading/Light Editing And Other Projects
Subject/verb agreement
Proper use of periods, semicolons, commas, etc Comma splices and sentence fragments
Commonly misspelled words (embarrass; receive) Usage mistakes (here for hear; principal for principle) Consistency throughout (boo-boos or booboos) Typos
Basic Formatting
Same-level headings capitalized consistently Standardized format used for dates, numbers, etc. Conformance to style guidelines*(see examples of style guides supported below)
Copyediting/Heavy Editing And Substantive Editing/Rewriting Projects (Errors, issues, or problems described above plus the following examples of style and grammar problems.)
Ambiguous References
Original: Tracy cut the article out of the magazine and tossed it in the recycle bin.
Revision: Tracy tossed the magazine in the recycle bin after cutting out the article.
Awkward Transitions
Original: Dr. Jellinger's legs hurt from walking all day. He sat on the bench.
Revision: Dr. Jellinger's legs hurt from walking all day, so he sat on the bench.
Passive Voice
Original: He was gratified by their praise.
Revision: Their praise gratified him.
Original: Many of those ideas Jennifer barely understood and they sounded absurd since it felt to her that no one in their right mind would ever have thought such a thing without being told to. [34 words]
Revision: Jennifer barely understood many of those ideas and felt no right-minded person would think such absurd things without prompting. [19 words]
Substantive Editing/Rewriting Projects (Errors, issues, or problems described above plus the following examples of content problems.)
Is the meaning clear at first reading?
Flow of Ideas
Do thoughts flow logically? Would paragraph 7 make more sense if it were above paragraph 4?
*Style Guides Supported by Dr. Barbara K. Pryor
American Psychological Association (APA)
Modern Language Association (MLA)
"Bluebook:" Uniform System of Citation (Legal Citation)
Chicago Manual of Style
Style Guide Preferred For Your Particular Project (if any, please request**see more details in How to Order & Rates section)


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Copyediting/Heavy Editing
Substantive Editing/Rewriting
Manuscript Critiques
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Legal Copyediting/Heavy
Editing Legal Substantive Editing/Rewriting



Samples of my Work
Samples of my WorkClick here to view samples of my quality professional editing services.
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